GI JOE: Assault on Cobra Island


Cobra's days are numbered: the GI JOEs are preparing an attack


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GI Joe: Assault on Cobra Island is an action game which falls under the 'beat'em up' genre. It uses the OpenBOR engine to offer an experience that will remind you a lot of the classic MegaDrive games. And this, just to be clear, is very good thing.

The characters from the legendary animated series GI JOE (the one with the action figures) are the protagonist of this game, therefore you can control Snake Eyes or Hawk in an adventure that takes the player right into the heart of the Cobra base, home of the GI Joes' arch-enemies.

The first thing you will notice when you start a game is that you have a good number of attacks that you can use. There is a normal attack, a strong attack (for example Snake Eyes will strike with a katana attack) and a firearm attack. And these can only can be combined together to make combos, but you can also use combinations to perform special attacks.

In addition, in GI JOE : Assault on Cobra Island you won't just face enemies on dry land. Some missions require you to use different vehicles, such as an airplane or a hovercraft, which slightly change the game mechanics for a while.

GI Joe: Assault on Cobra Island is a fun action game, which is especially enjoyable when you play along with a friend. Two brave GI Joes against the whole Cobra army.
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